ULFA is our members, we are a member run organization.

ULFA depends on the leadership of our members who represent ULFA everyday. This could be in the workplace, on a committee, or in an elected role. We want to recognize members who have gone the extra mile in providing the leadership ULFA depends on.

An ULFA Kudos to:

5 people are shown standing side by side in a lecture hall at the University of Lethbridge. From the left, Glenda Bonifacio is shown smiling and wearing a yellow scarf and holding information about Habiba Kadiri's book launch. Next from the left, Olu Awosoga is shown smiling and standing next to Saurya Das, who is also smiling. Next from teh left, Habiba Kadiri is shown smiling and holding a certificate and a bouquet of flowers. And finally,to the left of Habiba is Gideon Fujiwara, shown smiling, who is also holding a piece of paper.

Habiba Kadiri

ULFA would like to give kudos to Dr. Habiba Kadiri, Associate Professor in Mathematics and Computer Science for receiving the 2023 SNAC+ Award for Excellence in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Dr. Kadiri has been a tireless advocate of EDI in her field of Mathematics from international to local levels. Read more here.

Andrea Amelinckx

ULFA would like to give a whole-hearted kudos to Andrea Amelinckx for her many years of excellent service to the association and its members. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to the betterment of the union for numerous years, wearing many hats and leading the association through multiple crises. Read more here.

Joy Morris

ULFA is giving an enthusiastic kudos to Joy Morris for her outstanding efforts towards the successful reorganization of the Academic Staff Collective Agreement. This work immediately followed a grueling 629 days of collective bargaining, of which Joy was an instrumental member on the ULFA Negotiating Team. Read more here. 

Kat Stevens

Kat Stevens (Philosophy) is ULFA’s representative on the university’s Health and Safety Advisory Committee (HSAC). This past summer and fall, she put in a tremendous amount of unforeseen time and effort on this committee. Read more here.

Geoffrey Hale

Congratulations and immense appreciation to Geoffrey Hale on 21 years as ULFA’s UAPP representative. Geoffrey’s dedication and expertise was above and beyond what we could have asked for. Thank you Geoffrey, you will be missed! 

Robert Sutherland

Congratulations to Robert Sutherland on being awarded the CAUT Dedicated Services award! Recognizing years of outstanding contributions locally and provincially. We are so appreciative of Dr. Sutherland’s dedication and commitment over the years!

Past ULFA Kudos

Dax Clinger
Sarah Goldman
Martin Colspear