Kudos to Andrea Amelinckx

ULFA would like to give a whole-hearted kudos to Andrea Amelinckx for her many years of excellent service to the Association and its members. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to the betterment of the union for numerous years while wearing many hats and leading the association through multiple crises. She is a faculty member of the Dhillon School of Business, is Director of the International Management Programs Office, the Chair of both the International Management Area and the Indigenous Governance Area, and the Director of the Indigenous Governance and Business Management Program in the Dhillon School of Business at the University of Lethbridge.

Andrea Amelinckx was ULFA President from 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, Past President in 2018-2019, Vice-President/President Nominate in 2015-2016. Andrea began working with ULFA in 2001 by serving on the Gender Issues Caucus or GIC, later renamed as the Gender, Equity, and Diversity Committee, acting as its Chair from 2002-2005 and serving on the committee from 2011-2012, 2015-2016, and 2021-2022.

Andrea was Chair of the Grievance Committee from 2019-2021, and a member of the Handbooks Committee in 2015-2016, the Ad Hoc Bylaw Review Committee in 2021-2022, the Ad Hoc Hiring Committee in 2020-2021, the Job Action Committee in 2018-2019, and the Nominating Committee in 2017-2018. She was also the ULFA Delegate, CAFA Officer and Vice-President in 2017-2018 for the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations Council, as well as the University of Lethbridge Board of Governors Representative at the Senate from 2012-2015.

Andrea Amelinckx led ULFA through a challenging times, navigating and responding to provincial legislation that required the Association to become a union under the Alberta Labour Relations Code. She has also served the community in various forms, including acting as a Board Director for the Southern Alberta Art Gallery of Lethbridge.

Thank you for your incredible contributions and commitment to service for academic staff at the University of Lethbridge!

Image Description: Andrea Amelinckx is standing to the left and smiling as she is being handed a gift bag by the current President of ULFA, Dan O’Donnell, who is shown standing to the right and also smiling.