Get Involved

As a member run organization, ULFA depends on leadership from our members in a variety of ways. This could include volunteering for a one time event, to running for the Executive Committee, and everything in between. Elections for standing committees and various positions are typically held at the Annual General Meeting following the end of classes in April. We also email the membership about opportunities to get involved and post them here. You can contact ULFA staff to learn about upcoming opportunities. If you have been thinking about getting more involved with ULFA, we have a role for you!

Current opportunities to get involved with ULFA include:

ULFA is currently looking to fill a number of vacant committee positions for the 2021-2022 academic year. A reminder that serving on an ULFA committee counts as service work for the university. We encourage Members with interest in any of the following areas to step forward. Contact information for each chair is listed below.

The Grievance Committee has three vacancies to be filled by one Member in the Faculty of Arts and Science (duration 2021-2023) and one Member in the Professional Faculties (duration 2022-2023) and one Member from the Library (duration 2022 – 2023).

The Grievance Committee’s primary function is to assess potential grievances brought forward by Members in light of the current Collective Agreement, university policies, and relevant legislation, and recommending the carrying of, and resolution to, grievances to the ULFA Executive. Members with a working knowledge or interest in learning about the current Collective Agreement, university policies, and relevant legislation are particularly encouraged to apply. Further information about the Grievance Committee, including its terms of reference, can be found here or by emailing the incoming Grievance Committee Chair Mary Runte at

The new Shop Stewards Committee has a minimum of six vacancies to be filled. All vacancies are to be held from 2021-2023, though arrangements can be made for Members to serve only a partial term. The vacancies are to be filled by Members from: one Member from the Faculty of Arts and Science (Humanities or Social Sciences), one Member from The Faculty of Health Sciences, two Members from the Dhillon School of Business, one Member from the Faculty of Education, and one Member from the Calgary Campus.

The terms of reference are in the ULFA Bylaws, but given this is a brand new committee, the exact form of this committee’s work is still in development. As a founding member of this committee, you will be instrumental in the direction the Shop Stewards Committee will take. Its primary function will be to serve as a means of communication between ULFA committees and the Membership. Stewards’ duties will include listening to Members’ views, recommendations, and issues, sharing that information with other ULFA committee Members, and sharing information from ULFA committees with Members. More information about this committee can be requested from the Chief Steward Jerimy Cunningham at

The Job Action Committee has two vacancies to be filled. One vacancy is to be filled by a Member from the Faculty of Education, the other is to be filled by a Member in the University Library.

The Job Action Committee is tasked with ensuring ULFA is prepared for job action (e.g. strike or lockout) to support our Negotiating Team. Members of this committee engage in logistical planning for job action activities (such as acquiring materials and organizing picket lines) and to communicate with our Membership and the public-at-large about job actions. The terms of reference for this committee can be found here: If you wish to serve on this committee, or would like more information, please contact the Job Action Committee Chair Ken Vos at

Again, work on these committees counts towards service for evaluation of performance. ULFA is a Member run union, we rely on the engagement of our Members to build YOUR union!