Job Action Committee - Inactive During Non-Bargaining Year

The authority to manage the collective bargaining process on behalf of its members is delegated to the Executive Committee by ULFA Bylaws, in compliance with any applicable legislation. The authority to accept or reject a negotiated collective agreement or to authorize strike action, however, rests solely with the membership.

The Job Action Committee (JAC) shall be the regulatory committee tasked with fulfilling the logistical duties associated with conducting job action (such as lockout or strike) in compliance with ULFA’s Job Action Policy.

The Job Action Committee shall be struck by the Nominating Committee to be active only in a bargaining year and will conclude at the point of ratification of a new collective agreement.

Members should be knowledgeable (or interested in becoming knowledgeable) about job action and related matters, i.e., labour laws and rights, the Labour Relations Code, etc. Elected members shall serve for the period during which the Committee is active until such time that a new collective agreement is ratified.

Ex officio: ULFA President, past Chair where applicable.
Elected: Chair and a minimum of seven (7) members; The Past Chair of the Committee should, if possible, serve ex officio on the Committee.

The Committee shall comprise the following representation, unless sufficient nominees cannot be found from a constituency or constituencies:

a. Chair or Co-chairs (any Faculty)

b. Faculty of Arts and Science (Sciences)

c. Faculty of Arts and Science (Humanities and Social Sciences)

d. Faculty of Fine Arts 

e. Faculty of Health Sciences

f. Dhillon School of Business

g. Faculty of Education

h. Calgary Campus

i. Library (optional, appointed by Executive)

j. General Member(s) (one or more appointed by Executive)

Committee Members

Kinesiology & Physical Education

Robert Kossuth

Past Chair
Physics and Astronomy

Ken Vos

Interim Chair

Chad Povey


Aaron Taylor

Fine Arts - Drama

Andy Hudson

Biological Sciences​
Modern Language & Linguistics

Abigail McMeekin


Lyn Litchke

Therapeutic Recreation

Julia Brassolotto

Health Sciences