Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee upholds the integrity of the Academic Staff Collective Agreement (ASCA) by investigating and ensuring that its terms are followed.

Terms of Reference

Membership Criteria

Members should be knowledgeable (or interested in becoming knowledgeable) about the Handbook and related matters, i.e. other collective agreements, labour law, rights arbitration, requirements of procedural fairness.

Elected members shall serve two-year terms.

Ex officio: ULFA President, past Chair where applicable

Elected: Chair and six (6) Members; Past Chair is ex officio and should be a past member. The committee shall comprise the following representation, unless sufficient nominees cannot be found from a constituency or constituencies: Arts & Science (3); Professional Faculty (3); Academic Assistants (1); Librarians (1). The Past Chair will fill a position and hence there will be no election for that standing committee/constituency.

Committee Members


Rob Kossuth

Business - Policy & Strategy

Mary Runte

Past Chair

Julia Brassolotto

Public Health - Health Sciences

Noa Reich

Arts & Science - English

Kathy Haight

Health Sciences - Nursing

Donna Townley

A&S - Economics

Esteban Gomez-Riviere

A&S - Math

Dave Smith

Fine Arts - Drama

Jay Gamble

A&S - English

Vacant position