Joint Committee on EDI

ULFA’s Gender, Equity and Diversity Committee (GEDC) examines and documents the existing situation at the University of Lethbridge in order to develop a profile of diversity. The GEDC Chair is a member of the Joint Committee on EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) – which is detailed below.

Collective Agreement: Article 12.01.3 Joint Committee on EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)

12.01.3: Joint Committee on EDI
(a) The Parties agree that there shall be a Joint Committee on EDI (JCEDI). The JCEDI will include three (3) Board representatives and three (3) Association representatives who are Members. JCEDI membership should draw on the broad diversity of perspectives and EDI expertise of University administration and the Association. Committee members shall normally serve two to three (2–3) year staggered terms as best meets the Committee’s needs, ensuring some continuity within the JCEDI at any time.
(b) Each Party shall designate one (1) of its representatives as a co-chair.
(c) Quorum shall consist of at least two (2) Board representatives and at least two (2) ULFA representatives who are members of the JCEDI. The vote of an absent member may be cast by a proxy (designated by that member), but shall not count toward quorum.
(d) The purpose of the JCEDI is to work collectively to: (i) identify EDI issues that may affect Academic Staff and that may require study and redress; (ii) provide advice around possible approaches for addressing these issues; and (iii) ensure regular and systematic collecting, monitoring, and reporting of data regarding EDI issues.
(e) The Office of the Executive Director of EDI and the JCEDI may exchange advice and available information where the JCEDI deems that information is necessary and relevant to its work.
(f) The Board and the Association shall cooperate with and provide training, where appropriate, to JCEDI members.
(g) The Board and the Association representatives participating in the JCEDI shall comply with privacy obligations established by legislation or this Collective Agreement. The JCEDI representatives may share information with the Association Executive or the Board, provided the JCEDI approves the content and timing of the information to be shared.
(h) The JCEDI shall report annually on its activities to the Board and the Association, reflecting the University’s progress and standing on EDI issues reviewed or currently under study, including relevant aggregate data.

The Joint Committee on EDI is currently revising its Terms of Reference/Mandate. Below is the working mandate from the previous version of the JCEDI, the Joint Equity Committee (JEC). These terms will be updated once the new Terms of Reference are approved:

Committee Members

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Saurya Das