Joint Equity Committee

Collective Agreement Schedule R.01.3 Joint Equity Committee Mandate

The parties agree that there shall be a Joint Equity Committee (JEC). The JEC will include two (2) Board and two (2) Association Members. JEC representation should be from as diverse groups as possible.

Each Party shall designate one (1) of its representatives as a co-chair.

  1. The purpose of the JEC is to work to identify equity issues in the specific context of Academic Staff members.
  2. The Board and the Association shall cooperate with and provide training, where appropriate, to JEC members.
  3. The Board and the Association representatives participating in the JEC shall comply with privacy obligations established by legislation or this Collective Agreement.
  4. The JEC shall report annually on its activities to the Board and the Association.

ULFA Committee Members
Beth Gerwin, Modern Language
Phone: (403) 329-4572

Patrick Wilson, Anthropology
Phone: (403) 329-2523