Bargaining Resource Committee

Terms of Reference

1. The Bargaining Resource Committee is an investigative, deliberative and advisory body whose proper sphere of action includes all matters relating to collective bargaining of the terms and conditions of employment of the membership, including the following tasks:

a. To seek advice from the Members in all University constituencies and appropriate sources regarding changes to the collective agreement;
b. To assist in identifying the members of the Negotiating Team;
c. To advise the Negotiating Team before, during, and after negotiations regarding:

i. The initial ULFA proposal;
ii. A general response to the Board proposal including both substance and strategy; and
iii. To prepare a written report to assist negotiations next bargaining round;

d. To advise the Executive Committee before, during, and after negotiations, and to recommend acceptance or rejection of the final package;
e. To present the final package to the membership and to recommend acceptance or rejection.

2. For matters negotiated under the collective agreement, the Committee shall:

a. Recommend to the Executive a Negotiating Team. The members of the negotiating team need not be members of the Committee. Full consideration should be given to the continuity of membership, and, to that end, two of the three members should have experience on the ULFA’s standing committees and/or with collective bargaining.
b. Recommend to the Executive Committee an opening position and identify priorities and general strategy.

Membership Criteria

The diverse groups on campus should be represented in the composition of the Gender, Equity and Diversity Committee. Elected members shall serve two-year terms and, whenever possible, three new members shall be elected each year.
Ex officio: ULFA President, past Chair where applicable.
Elected: Chair and six (6) members; The Past Chair of the committee should, if possible, serve ex officio on the committee.

Committee Members


Rob Sutherland

Past Chair
Health Sciences

Olu Awosoga

Physics & Astronomy

Locke Spencer

Arts & Science
Public Health

Julia Brassolotto

Health Sciences

Rumi Graham


Michael Madore

Instructor / Academic Assistant

Patrick Wilson

Arts & Science

Bryn Hughes

Fine Arts

Vacant position

Arts & Science
Health Sciences

Silvia Koso

Health Sciences

Vacant Position


Susan Findlay

Arts & Science

Dawn McBride