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Settled: After 629 days without a contract and 40 days strike/lockout

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Free Student Appreciation BBQ this Friday, 2pm at the Zoo. Cheeseburger and non-alcoholic drink for the first 250 attendees.
ULFA Vice President, Chris Burton, and UL Calgary faculty member, Robbin Derry, traveled out to Université Sainte-Anne at Church Point, N.S. last week as “flying pickets”, supported by the CAUT Defence Fund. The Fund sponsors members from universities across Canada to visit striking faculties to strengthen and encourage local members in their efforts, recognizing the vital important of standing together as union members.
In view of the upcoming AGM, the Nominations Committee has begun to solicit nominations from the Membership for a number of vacant positions. Members are invited to either self-nominate or be nominated by another Member.