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Lethbridge is a university town with students making up 10% of our population. The U of L is the city’s second largest employer only next to Alberta Health Services (another sector that is currently threatened with drastic funding reductions). Lethbridge College is its fifth. The cuts the government is making to these institutions will have a very direct, immediate and negative impact in our community.
On April 22, representatives of the Board and ULFA held their sixth bargaining session since the exchange of full proposals on January 18, 2021. From opening remarks, it appeared that the Board and ULFA teams had different understandings of the ground rules agreed upon prior to the exchange of complete proposal packages on January 18th.Since a review of the relevant correspondence is essential to moving forward from this difference, the ULFA team withdrew from the negotiation session to enable both teams to perform such a review. This brought the meeting to an end before any presentation of articles took place.
We are cancelling our socially-distanced rally to protest provincial cutbacks in the post-secondary sector, originally planned for this Saturday, May 1st.

Although planning for the rally began several months ago, safety has always been our top priority and a final review was planned for this final week. Having consulted with the city and reviewed the latest AHS regulations, we believe that the responsible course of action is to cancel the rally until conditions improve. We had a great response to our call for participation, with over….