Shop Steward Committee

Please see Appendix A of the Bylaws for a full description of the Shop Stewards Council.

Terms of Reference


Membership Criteria


Committee Members

Julia Brassolotto

Chief Steward; Public Health

Jerimy Cunningham

Past Chief Steward; A&S - Geography

Dave Smith

Fine Arts - Drama

Robert Benkoczi

A&S - Math & Computer Science

Claudia Steinke

DSB; Health Sciences - Nursing General member-at-large

Vacant Position


Aaron Stout


Gideon Fujiwara

A&S - History

Amy Von Heyking


Paul Mckenzie-Jones

A&S - Indigenous Studies

Trent Takeyasu

A&S - Math & Computer Science

Member at large


Kathy Haight

Health Sciences - Nursing

George Gonzalez

Dhillon School of Business

Luis Fernando Escobar

Dhillon School of Business

Danaka Porter

Dhillon School of Business - Calgary campus

Josh Davies

Fine Arts

Morgan Magnuson

Health Sciences

Equity Steward

Vacant position