Member Workload

As part of our most recent Collective Agreement, the Provost is required to provide ULFA with copies of workload policies in effect in each faculty (the requirement is 6.05.1 in the new agreement; the requirement that workload policies exist is in 21.04).

These policies are now provided to ULFA on October 31st each year. Those policies will be posted here as they are provided.

2022 Workload Policies and Procedures

Art. 6.05.1 – Information about Assignment of Duties and Workload Equity (2)

2023 Workload Policies and Procedures

2023.Art 6.05.1 – Information about Assignment of Duties and Workload Equity

When reviewing these policies, there are two important factors for academic staff to watch for, outlined in 21.04 of the collective agreement:

  1. These policies and procedures are “shall neither be constructed nor applied at any time in such a way as to exclude a Member from consideration for the types of assignments listed in Article 21.03”


  1. “In the construction and application of these policies and procedures, an effort shall be made to ensure that the total amount of work undertaken by each Member, including the duties listed in Article 21.03 and Schedule D, shall be reasonable and roughly equivalent in terms of the time and effort required for competent performance of that work.”

If you have concerns that these policies do not align with the two points above, or that your own workload assignment is not in congruence with these points, please contact ULFA staff.

Below is an infographic that conceptualizes workload by detailing specific tasks and categories of duties for faculty members.