Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall comprise the Association’s officers other than the Ombuds Officer, the most recent and available Past President ex officio, the chairs of standing committees, and the Executive Director (non-voting). Subject to these bylaws and to any resolution enacted by a general meeting, the Executive Committee shall have the authority to manage and direct the Association’s affairs.

The President shall call meetings of the Executive Committee as required to deal with the affairs of the Association, and at least one week prior to any general meeting of the Association. In the absence of the President, an Executive Committee meeting may be called by the Vice-President/President Nominate or, if that Member is also absent, by the Treasurer.

There shall be a joint meeting of the incoming and outgoing members of Executive Committee in June of each year. Read full bylaws here.

Executive Members

James Smith

Secretary / Treasurer

Olu Awosoga

Bargaining Chair

Feature Rob-250x334

Robert Kossuth

Grievance Comittee Chair

Julia Brassolotto

Chief Steward