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As a member run organization, ULFA depends on leadership from our members in a variety of ways. This could include volunteering for a one time event, to running for the Executive Committee, and everything in between. Elections for standing committees and various positions are typically held at the Annual General Meeting following the end of classes in April. We also email the membership about opportunities to get involved and post them here. If you have been thinking about getting more involved with ULFA, we have a role for you.

Spring 2024: Current opportunities to get involved with ULFA!

ULFA is currently looking to fill a number of vacant committee positions. We encourage Members with interest in any of the following areas to step forward. Please contact Aaron Chubb, ULFA Executive Director at; or Kristine Alexander, Chair of the Nominating Committee, at to express interest. These are interim positions which may be appointed by the ULFA Executive. 

Upcoming Vacancies 2024 – 2025

For further information on these positions, please see the ULFA Bylaws.  

Positions and Descriptions 

One (1) Ombuds Officer (2024-2029) 

One (1) Representative to the Board (2024-2029) 


One (1) President (2024-2025) 

One (1) VP/President Nominee (2024-2025)

One (1) Chair, Gender, Equity and Diversity Committee (2024-2026) 

The President is the main advocate for the interests of ULFA Members, both to the Board of Governors and to the wider community, and also chairs the Executive Committee, which directs the affairs of the Association. The President is an ex-officio member of all the Standing Committees and on-call to deal with Member concerns as they arise. This is a serious time commitment but the President receives heavy course relief and the position brings rewards of its own, especially when the interests and concerns of Members are fully met. 

Bargaining Resource Committee 


Three (3) Arts & Science (2024-2026) 

One (1) Professional Faculties Representative Dhillon School of Business (2024-2026) 

Three (3) Instructor/Academic Assistant (2024-2026) 

The time commitment for this committee involves weekly meetings as well as some preparatory time for those involved with research activities or presentations for bargaining town halls. 

Grievance Committee 


Two (2) Arts & Science Representative (2024-2026) 

One (1) Professional Faculties Education (2023-2025 Interim)

One (1) Professional Librarian (2024-2026) 

The ULFA Grievance Committee is responsible for addressing member concerns related to our ongoing relationship with the university as governed by the collective agreement. When a grievance is filed by a member the committee is responsible for providing guidance to ULFA Executive to address the complaint. This is a very rewarding committee in terms of assisting your colleagues. The committee meets for two hours every two weeks and there is some limited reviewing of documents in preparation for committee meetings.  

Gender, Equity and Diversity Committee 


One (1) Chair, GEDC (2024-2026) (to also serve on Executive Committee) 

Two (2) Members-at-Large (2024-2026) (faculty from Education, Fine Arts and Dhillon School of Business are encouraged to join)

Shop Stewards Committee 


One (1) Arts & Science (Sciences) (2024-2026) 

One (1) Arts & Science (Social Science and Humanities) (2024-2026) 

One (1) Health Sciences (2024-2026) 

Two (2) Dhillon School of Business (2024-2026)

One (1) Faculty of Education (2024-2026) 

One (1) Faculty of Fine Arts (2024-2026) 

One (1) Library (2023-2025 Interim)

One (1) Equity Steward (2023-2025 Interim)

The Shop Stewards are responsible for facilitating communication between their respective academic units and the ULFA Executive. This includes sharing updates from the Executive with the membership, passing along critical feedback to the Executive, and being a trusted and informed union representative to whom Members can reach out when an issue occurs. Responsibilities include attending monthly meetings (potentially more regularly during negotiations), engaging in one-on-one discussions with colleagues as needed, and working with other ULFA committees to support our union’s goals. This role provides an excellent opportunity to become more informed about institutional ongoings, to connect with colleagues from across campus, and to provide meaningful support for colleagues in one’s academic unit. 

Job Action Committee 

Positions have been elected for a 2023-2025 term – Please see the Current Vacancies section above for any positions in need of filling at this moment. 

The committee will meet for 60-minute planning sessions once per month, and its various subcommittee Chairs would be pleased to welcome you to the team.  

If assisting in the running of an effective job action, information pickets, rallies, and/or other ULFA-related events sounds appealing, and you imagine you’d enjoy working for the advancement of labour solidarity, please consider signing up for duty with JAC. 

In addition, the Job Action Committee (JAC) is looking for volunteers to join its five working subcommittees, which will be active during the current bargaining year and conclude their work when the new collective agreement is ratified. As per the terms of reference for JAC, “this regulatory committee [is] tasked with fulfilling the logistical duties associated with conducting job action (such as lockout or strike) in compliance with ULFA’s Job Action Policy.” JAC’s five subcommittees have been struck and their respective co-Chairs just beginning their organizational work. But they could definitely use a helping hand! The subcommittees are:

  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Materials
  • Picket
  • Social

One (1) Health Sciences (2023-2025 Interim)

One (1) Dhillon School of Business (2023-2025 Interim)

One (1) Faculty of Education (2023-2025 Interim)

One (1) Calgary Campus (2023-2025 Interim)

Nominating Committee 

One (1) Chair of Nominating Committee (2024-2026) 

One (1) Faculty of Arts & Science (2024-2026) 

One (1) Faculty of Health Sciences (2024-2026) 

One (1) Faculty of Education (2024-2026)

One (1) Faculty of Fine Arts (2024-2026) 

One (1) Dhillon School of Business (2024-2026) 

One (1) School of Liberal Education (2024-2026)

(One 1) Library (2024-2026) 

One (1) Limited Term Contract (2024-2026) 


If you are interested in running for any of the available positions, you are highly encouraged to complete the form to stand for this position by March 19th, 2024. 

To validate any nomination, nominators (self or sponsored) must fill out and sign an online nomination form

This nomination form includes a 200-400 word statement of interest, experience and qualification that will be included on the ballot. 

For information regarding release time for ULFA Executive Committee Members, view the ULFA COURSE RELEASE POLICY. 

Nominations are due by March 19th, 2024.

The ULFA AGM is on Tuesday, April 9th from 11am to 2:30pm in SA8002, Save the Date! 

Elections will follow the AGM via e-ballot over one week.  

Please note the recent ULFA Bylaw changes regarding nominations, including the requirement that nominees provide their signature and a 200-400 word statement of interest: 

8.1.3.b To validate any nomination, nominators (self or sponsoring) will fill out and sign the online nomination form, where the nominee’s signature will serve as confirmation of willingness to stand for the position; and 

8.1.3.c Nominees must also provide on this form a 200-400 word statement of interest, experience and qualification that will be included on the ballot.