Crucial Information for Members on Study Leave

This message applies to all Members on study leave (or any assignment of duties that include 100% research).  

Yesterday afternoon, legal counsel for the Board of Governors of the University of Lethbridge informed ULFA’s legal counsel that the Board will not continue to pay salaries for Members on study leave. Prior to yesterday afternoon, ULFA had no indication that the Board would take this action. Previously, we had indicated that Members on study leave that the University would likely continue to pay their salaries. We did believe that to be the case until yesterday afternoon. 

ULFA will ensure Members on study leave are eligible for strike pay. We will not leave any Members behind due to the Board’s last-minute decision making about how they will treat Members during a job action. 

We ask that all Members who are unable to perform picket duties for any reason to fill out the accommodations request form that was sent to your email.

Please explain your situation and indicate what duties your situation will allow you to perform. Also indicate your physical location (i.e. if you are physically present in Lethbridge or Calgary or not). We will review these forms as soon as possible and be in contact with you about your situation. 

In the meantime, expect your University salary to be halted as of today, February 11. Your pay at the end of February should be pro-rated based on the number of days you were eligible to receive pay from the University this month. ULFA will ensure Members willing to engage in strike duties are eligible for strike pay.
Karl Laderoute will be the contact person on this issue. He can be reached at or by phone at 403-329-2453. Please be patient as we process these requests as quickly as we can. We will contact Members once their forms are reviewed.