Joint Bargaining Committee Meets

The University of Lethbridge Faculty Association (ULFA) joint bargaining committee held a pre-bargaining meeting on March 2. The joint committee consists of members of the Handbooks and Economic Benefits Committees. Its purpose is to support the ULFA bargaining team once negotiations begin.

In previous years, bargaining at the U of L occured at two “tables” (economic benefits and “handbooks,” by which was meant terms and conditions of employment other than money); under the new rules introduced by Bill 7, bargaining between the University and ULFA will now take place at a single table.

At the meeting, bargaining team members Paul Hayes and Dan O’Donnell updated the membership on the current status of bargaining and discussed how the unified committee will work once bargaining begins. Committee members discussed various aspects of our proposed opening positions and topics for future rounds.

The next meeting likely will be scheduled towards the end of March.