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UA and UC GSA joint statement

Graduate workers at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary, who represent
approximately 6,000 members, stand in solidarity with the University of Lethbridge Faculty
Association (ULFA) in the pursuit of a fair and equitable Collective Agreement (CA).
We support ULFA in their calls for wage equity of members in order to bring them up to parity
with comparable institutions, and respect for faculty members’ voices in university
decision-making structures. Faculty working conditions are essential for the long-term success
of any institution. The ability to attract and retain faculty is dependent on fair compensation and
benefits for all members.

The relationship between graduate workers and faculty members is paramount for the success
of both the students and institution. Faculty members are our mentors, they inspire, lead and
teach, all of which is invaluable and crucial. They are our role models and future colleagues,
their contributions to the institution’s success should not be undervalued or disregarded.
ULFA members have begun the process of taking strike votes, following stalled negotiations,
and working the majority of the pandemic without a contract. The decision to undertake job
action is never without consequences. However, if ULFA’s membership vote to strike, we
wholeheartedly support ULFA’s decision to do so and will stand alongside them on the picket
line. We believe ULFA’s actions to resolve and strengthen their CA, will undoubtedly improve
faculty working conditions, but the learning conditions for all students that attend the University
of Lethbridge today and in the future.

We stand in solidarity with ULFA to negotiate a CA that is equitable, fair, and respectful because
the University of Lethbridge is #worthfightingfor.

[Original document is here.]