ULFA Stands in Solidarity with AUPE Local 053

As you may have heard, negotiations have broken down between AUPE Local 053 and the UofL BOG. We will provide more information about this process as it becomes available to us.  

Our AUPE colleagues provide critical work in IT, facilities, office administration, advising, and more. Their work makes our jobs as academics possible.  

Our AUPE Local 053 colleagues were hit the hardest by budget cuts at the university. They bore the brunt of the layoffs during the last two years (47 of the 105 employees laid off were permanent AUPE positions). They also strongly supported ULFA during our negotiations and job action. They do critical work that makes this university function. We owe them our solidarity.  

In the interim, one way you can make your support visible is to share the attached image on social media, or to print it out and attach it physically to your office door.  


The ULFA Communications Committee