Signed MOU in Response to COVID-19

The Faculty Association has signed an MOU with the employer in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This MOU is particularly relevant to members who are currently on a probationary appointment, were awarded study leave commencing in the 2020-2021 Academic Year, or had travel funds allocated to them for the period of April 1st through August 31, 2020.

The MOU remains in place up to October 31st, 2020 with an option for a six month extension.

Study Leave
Any Member who was awarded study leave commencing in 2020-2021 can make a request to the Dean for a postponement or modification of that study leave. This request must be made on or before May 11th, 2020. Your request to the Dean will outline parts of your study leave plan that are no longer safe or possible as a result of the Pandemic. And propose a new timeframe for when the study leave would commence and end.
ULFA has explicitly discussed with the Administration the degree to which it may prove difficult for Members to predict accurately the time frame for their delayed study-leave, due to issues such as uncertainty around travel restrictions, immigration rules and requirements, or requirements for visiting researchers at the proposed host institution, etc. In such cases, faculty are to give their best estimate at this time. Deans have been instructed to be flexible in dealing with such uncertainty and ULFA can assist should problems arise.

Probationary Appointments
Members who are currently on a probationary appointment (i.e. pre-tenure) may extend their probationary period by one year if they believe that the Pandemic has compromised their performance. You must notify the interim Provost and Vice President (Academic), Erasmus Okine, on or before June 30, 2020 in order to exercise this right.

Travel Fund
Monies that were allocated from April 1 2020 to August 31, 2020 for the Travel Fund in Article 29.01 of the Collective Agreement will be returned to the Board, since no travel should have been incurred or anticipated in this time. Expenses incurred for travel booked prior to the March 14th, 2020 Travel Advisory can still be reimbursed. ULFA and the Board believe that no Members will be out of pocket as a result of this agreement. Please let us know if you are adversely affected.

The following table summarises the changes and deadlines introduced as a result of this MoU. Please see the relevant sections above for important details and requirements in each case.

Member affectedChange implemented in MoURelevant dates/deadlines
Members awarded study leave commencing in the 2020-2021 academic yearMembers may request a postponement of that study leave.Request must be made before May 11, 2020
Members on a probationary appointmentMembers may request a one-year extension.Request must be made on or before June 30, 2020
Members allocated funds from the University of Lethbridge Travel Fund for Spring and Summer 2020Only travel booked prior to the March 14th Government Travel Advisory is eligible for reimbursement.Travel must have been booked before March 14, 2020.


The MOU in its entirety is available here MOU COVID-19

If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Chubb,


David Kaminski
ULFA President