Rally Cancellation

We are cancelling our socially-distanced rally to protest provincial cutbacks in the post-secondary sector, originally planned for this Saturday, May 1st. 

Although planning for the rally began several months ago, safety has always been our top priority and a final review was planned for this final week. Having consulted with the city and reviewed the latest AHS regulations, we believe that the responsible course of action is to cancel the rally until conditions improve. 

We had a great response to our call for participation, with over 100 members and family indicating that they would attend. The picket committee had completed all the work necessary for a safe and effective rally. Had conditions allowed, we were on track to have a successful and well-attended event that would have allowed our membership to show solidarity and support post-secondary education in our province.

With worsening COVID numbers nationally and provincially and new regulations aimed at reducing the impact of the third wave, however, ULFA believes that setting a responsible example to our local community is as important as any other goal. Perhaps especially in these times, the province needs the leadership of Alberta’s post-secondary sector.

We thank all members for their support for this rally and will continue to find ways of responsibly supporting our Members and University.

Stay safe everyone,

Your ULFA Colleagues