Gender, Equity and Diversity Committee

ULFA’s Gender, Equity and Diversity Committee examines and documents the existing situation at the University of Lethbridge in order to develop a profile of diversity.


Terms of Reference

1. To examine and document the existing situation at the University of Lethbridge;
that is,to develop a profile of diversity, which might reference gender, people of colour, FNMI, people with disabilities, LGBT, country of origin, language, age with respect to such issues as hiring practices, salary, ranks, positions, terms of employment, career progress and other issues identified by the membership.
2. To suggest strategies to redress inequities identified from the information obtained above, or as identified by the membership.
3. To make recommendations to the Handbooks Negotiating Committee and more generally to ULFA with respect to diversity issues affecting the academic staff of the University.

Membership Criteria

The diverse groups on campus should be represented in the composition of the Gender, Equity and Diversity Committee. Elected members shall serve two-year terms and, whenever possible, three new members shall be elected each year.
Ex officio: ULFA President, past Chair where applicable.
Elected: Chair and six (6) members; The Past Chair of the committee should, if possible, serve ex officio on the committee.

Committee Members

Past Chair:
Jennifer Mather, Psychology
Phone: (403) 329-2423
Term: 2019-2020


Andrea Cuellar, Anthropology

Phone: (403) 329-2521
Term: 2018 – 2020
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Arts & Science:
Beth Gerwin, Modern Language
Phone: (403) 329-4572
Term: 2019-2020

Arts & Science:
Conor Snoek, Indigenous Studies
Phone: (403) 332-2721
Term: 2019 – 2020

Arts & Science:
Jeffrey MacCormack, Education
Phone: (403) 329-2433
Term: 2019 – 2020

Michael Stingl, Philosophy
Phone: (403) 329-2504
Term: 2020-2022

Michelle Hogue, Transition Program
Phone: (403) 394-2088
Term: 2020 – 2022

ULFA Member:
1 Seat Vacant