GEDC Statement on International Women’s Day

Wishing our Members a Happy International Women’s Day today!

It is important on this day to recall that gender-related inequities remain of grave concern. This is true within post-secondary (including the direct attack on Gender Studies at the University of Waterloo last summer), within our province, our continent, and our world more globally. Indeed, the Canadian Women’s Foundation warns that recent gains are under threat, and the UN reported in 2023 that “Despite global efforts, the world is falling short of achieving gender equality.” This is an urgent call to action.

At the same time, it is vitally important to celebrate the hard work and achievements, by and for women, and in support of gender diversity and equity. These include the historic event a few days ago when France became the first country to enshrine the right to safe and legal abortion in its constitution; the fact that women now outnumber men in the American university-educated labour market; and Canada’s progress toward the goal of $10/day childcare. Such gains by wealthy nations must be used as leverage for global equity gains.

Imagine for a moment that, for one day, all women across the world stopped all forms of labour…

On this day, let us celebrate what has been achieved, and affirm our resolve to uphold gender equity and diversity.

In solidarity,

ULFA’s Gender, Equity and Diversity Committee