Congratulations to Joy Morris, Sutherland Service Award Recipient

Please join us in congratulating Joy Morris, recipient of ULFA’s Sutherland Service Award at the Fall General Meeting on December 12, 2022 for her outstanding contributions to re-organizing our new Academic Staff Collective Agreement and for her crucial role as part of our Bargaining team during our last rounds of Collective Bargaining.

The Sutherland Service Award is awarded to a member that provides or has provided exceptional service to the members of ULFA. Nominees cannot be a member of the Executive, and must be recommended by the general membership at large.

Joy was recommended by members of the 2020-2022 Bargaining Team, whose comments are listed below:

“She is a person of honour, humility and intelligence, and is dependable, efficient, cool-headed, and unbiased.”

“She single-handedly handled the re-writing and re-organization of the U of L Academic Staff Collective Agreement (ULFA Handbook.)” [along with Aaron Chubb, Executive Director of ULFA].

“She took the lead in most of the pre-negotiation meetings.”

“She generated most of the reports and blogs.”

“She ia a tenacious leader in fighting for people’s rights.”

“She Represented the Association on the Joint Handbook Reorganization Committee.”

“She epitomizes servant leadership and inspires others around her.”

“She quickly discerns their needs and moves efficiently to provide essential information, recommendations, necessary training, or direction. Joy is a dedicated Member of ULFA and has served ULFA with distinction.”

Thank you for your incredible contributions to ULFA and to the health of the 2020-2024 Academic Staff Collective Agreement!

Image Description: Joy Morris is shown standing to the left and smiling as she is being handed a certificate by the current President of ULFA, Dan O’Donnell, who is shown standing to the right and also smiling.