AUPE Information Picket

AUPE will be holding an information picket at noon on November 7th by the Northern entrance to the University (i.e. at the University and Columbia/Valley Road entrance). You can read more about the issues involved in their negotiations here. ULFA is facing a similar set of arguments in its negotiations with the Board of Governors.

We encourage all members to show their support for AUPE by attending the picket.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Originally the post contained an incorrect date. This post has been updated to show the correct date of Wednesday, November 7th.

Notice: Resolution of ACY Grievances

Dear Faculty Association Members,

The Faculty Association is pleased to announce a significant resolution on a challenging grievance matter regarding academic career years.

ULFA has had grievances over academic career years on behalf of several individuals who argued that their academic career years were miscalculated. ULFA agreed with the individuals’ calculations of academic career years and sought to correct these calculations through grievance.

ULFA also filed a policy grievance to ensure that anyone else who was affected would also have their academic career years corrected.