Call For Nominees

With the job action finished and classes resuming, the Nominations Committee has started to prepare a ballot for ULFA Executive, Standing Committees, representatives and working groups with terms beginning July 1, 2022. 

This particular moment following a job action is unprecedented. We understand Members are exhausted from a nearly six week strike/lockout. However, there has perhaps never been a time when this many Members of the Association have been active in its operations. 

Positions are available for the roles listed below. Please note that recent Bylaw changes mean that the role of President (in addition to Vice-President) is up for election every year, but incumbents are encouraged to run again. 

In view of  the upcoming AGM, the Nominations Committee has begun to solicit nominations from the Membership for a number of vacant  positions. Members are invited to either self-nominate or be nominated by another Member.

Nominations of members of marginalized groups are encouraged, including but not limited to indigenous peoples; women; racialized academic staff; academic staff with disabilities; and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and two-spirited academic staff. 

To validate any nomination, nominators (self or sponsored) must fill out and sign an online nomination form (see link below and here

This nomination form includes a 200-400 word statement of interest, experience and qualification that will be included on the ballot. 

For information regarding release time for ULFA Executive Committee Members, view the ULFA COURSE RELEASE POLICY.
Nominations are due by April 13th, 2022.

The ULFA AGM will be Wednesday, May 11th at 10am. Save the Date!

Elections will follow the AGM via e-ballot over one week. 

For more information about these positions please follow the links provided below in each header. Please also see the ULFA Bylaws Terms of Reference.

Time commitments can widely vary between positions and committees, with course releases available for the most time consuming roles such as the Executive Committee positions. Article 5 of the Collective Agreement has it that ULFA service counts as service in performance evaluations. Please direct any questions to Aaron Chubb, ULFA Executive Officer; or Kristine Alexander, Chair of the Nominations Committee,

President 2022-2023
VP/President Nominee 2022-2023
GEDC Chair 2022-2024 

Bargaining Resource Committee
Three (3) from Arts & Science
One (1) from a Professional Faculty (Dhillon, Education, Fine Arts, Health Sciences)
One (1) Instructor/Academic Assistant

Grievance Committee
Two (2) from Arts & Science
One (1) from Library

Gender, Equity and Diversity Committee
GEDC Chair 2022-2024
One (1) from Arts & Science

Shop Stewards Committee
One (1) from Arts & Science (Science)
One (1) Education
One (1) from Health Sciences
Two (2) from Dhillon School of Business

Job Action Committee
(Does not stand in non-bargaining years)

Study Leave Relocation Committee
One (1) Member-at-large

GFC Travel Committee
One (1) Member-at-large

GFC Strategic Planning Committee
One (1) Member-at-large

Nominations Committee
ULFA Past- President
Past Chair- Nominations Committee
Chair of Nominations Committee
One (1) from Faculty of Arts & Science
One (1) from Faculty of Health Sciences
One (1) from Faculty of Fine Arts
One (1) from Faculty of Education
One (1) from Dhillon School of Business
One (1) from School of Liberal Education
One (1) from the Library
One (1) with a limited term contract


If you are interested in running for any of the available positions, you are highly encouraged to complete the form to stand for this position by April 13th, 2022.

A reminder that you are invited to either self-nominate or be nominated by another Member.  Completed nominations can be submitted here.

Please note the recent ULFA Bylaw changes regarding nominations, including the requirement that nominees provide their signature and a 200-400 word statement of interest:

8.1.3.b To validate any nomination, nominators (self or sponsoring) will fill out
and sign the online nomination form, where the nominee’s signature will
serve as confirmation of willingness to stand for the position; and

8.1.3.c Nominees must also provide on this form a 200-400 word statement of
interest, experience and qualification that will be included on the ballot.


Kristine Alexander,
Chair, ULFA Nominations Committee