ULFA kickstarts next stage of negotiations with new offer

On Saturday February 12th, the ULFA negotiation team sent a new proposal to the Board team to kickstart this new stage in negotiations after the beginning of lockout/strike.

The proposal attempts to bridge the monetary gap between the parties, based on the Board’s percentages, with additional across-the-board adjustments, and supersedes all previous proposals from the last two years. It is based on the proposals we have discussed with the Board team in various recent meetings.

We hope that this restart will enable us to focus on improving terms-and-conditions. This proposal is very similar to settlements we have seen at other tables in the province, including the Nurses, Government of Alberta, and other Post-Secondary Institutions. The new offer establishes our opening position for post-strike-deadline talks.

Our negotiating team has invited the Board to meet and discuss our offer on Monday February 14th. We will provide an update if we hear anything. In the meantime, the team has started a new series of Issues on the Table blogs discussing the significance of major issues addressed in our proposals that remain unsettled.