Mediation and Essential Services Agreement Update

On Friday December 17th, 2021, the Essential Services Agreement (ESA) between ULFA and the Board was approved by the Essential Services Commissioner of the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB). 

With the ESA accepted, formal mediation through the ALRB has now been initiated as of December 21st, 2021 (as applied for on October 28th, 2021). There were six sessions of informal mediation that took place on Nov. 29th, 30th, and Dec. 6th, 7th, 10th, and 16th. The parties are in the process of identifying times for formal mediation in January.

The ULFA negotiation team remains optimistic about mediation leading to a collective agreement. If, despite our best efforts, mediation fails, then the way is clear for potential job action, including a strike vote, and, should agreement still prove elusive, lock-out or strike.

You can follow the status of all Articles opened during this round of negotiations here.