Update on Mediation Plans

Further to the March 5, 2022 announcement regarding an enhanced mediation process agreed to by ULFA and the Board of Governors, the mediator and the parties now have a start date of March 15. At least two additional days of mediation are expected to take place in the same week. On March 8, 2022 the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) issued a consent order containing the terms of the mutually agreed mediation process, which will now be overseen by the ALRB.

The ULFA negotiating team is now focused on preparing briefing documents to be shared with the mediator and the Board negotiating team in advance of the commencement of mediation next week. These documents outline ULFA’s proposals for a new collective agreement as well as issues ULFA proposes to include in a return-to-work protocol.
For an overview of significant changes to the Collective Agreement that ULFA seeks to negotiate, see Issues at the Table: Series Overview and Summary and the Series Index.