Bargaining Update May 21, 2018. Agreement in principle

Negotiating teams from ULFA and the Board of Governors met yesterday to conclude negotiations of the 2018-2020 Collective Agreement.

In an extended session, the two teams finalised the remaining articles and schedules: Article 2 (Definitions) and Schedule R (Conclusion of bargaining).

Both sides will now present the agreement-in-principle to their principals for recommendation and ratification.

In the case of ULFA, the agreement will be presented to the Executive at its next meeting, at which point the Executive will decide whether it will recommend the agreement to the membership for ratification. Ratification will require a special meeting of the Membership followed by an electronic ballot.

The bargaining team is in the process of preparing versions of the agreement with an explanation of the proposed changes. We will publish further information about the proposed agreement once this is ready.