ALRB Update: Intervention from Athabasca University Faculty Association

As we reported on Sunday, our case to the ALRB has attracted an intervention from the Faculty Associations at Mount Royal University and the University of Alberta. A second intervention has recently also been received from the Athabasca University Faculty Association (AUFA).

In their intervention, the AUFA argues that the position taken by the University of Lethbridge will result in “irreparable harm… by creating divisions where none exist. Strategies based on “divide and conquer” tactics are contrary to public policy and the Code ought not to be interpreted in a manner which encourages them.”

AUFA further indicates that it will show “that not only does the language of the statute on its face support ULFA’s position, but the policy underlying [ULFA’s] approach is entirely consistent with historic Canadian approaches to bargaining unit structures in the broader public sector.”

We will continue to update members as new information becomes available.


This post has been written in order to keep the membership of ULFA informed about the status of this important case. While it attempts to provide an accurate account of the case for a non-specialist audience, it has not been written by lawyers and is without prejudice. Any divergence in this post from the position represented in documents filed with the ALRB is accidental and does not represent the official position of the Association.