Bargaining teams for the Faculty Association and University met for three sessions this week, on June 18, 19, and 20. Over the course of the three days, they discussed eighteen articles and returned to the question of economic benefits. The sides reached agreement in principle on one article (28 Vacations) and one schedule (E [Old numbering] Copyright).

Having presented a large number of articles and schedules in the first few sessions, ULFA is now largely responding to counter proposals from the Board side.

At this point, only Article 12 (Criteria for extension of probation, tenure, promotion, and salary increments) remains to be presented. While ULFA has some proposals for this article, it has agreed to let the Board side make the first presentation as part of a larger proposed revision of articles referring to different employee groups (i.e. Sessional Lecturers, Instructors/Academic Assistants, Faculty, and Professional Librarians).

As has been the case thus far, the discussions over these three days were constructive and efficient. The two sides have been able to identify large areas of agreement in most articles under discussion and, just as importantly, more sharply delineate the areas where more work is required. As the gradually slowing pace of the exchanges demonstrate, we also are now beginning to isolate the areas where the most work must occur. As negotiations continue, we can expect there to be fewer articles exchanged and longer discussions of individual words and phrases.

Both sides have indicated that they are currently satisfied with the tenor and progress of negotiations.

The next (and only currently booked) negotiations are scheduled for July 16 and 25. Both sides agreed to investigate the possibility of scheduling additional sessions in July or August.

Below is a more detailed account of the articles discussed. A spreadsheet listing the current state of negotiations on each article can be found here.

Monday June 18

In a four hour session, the two sides discussed 11 articles and schedules:

Board ULFA
6 Communication and Information

9 Personal Files

10 Courses taught in addition to assigned duties

27 Holidays

28 Vacations

33 Gradual Retirement and Reduced Load

22 Grievance

30 Travel fund

31 Research fund

32 Salary Schedules

E Copyright form (agreed to in principle)

Of these, only 32 (Salary Schedules) was new. In the case of Schedule E (to be renumbered Schedule C), ULFA accepted in principle the Board’s proposal from June 8.

Tuesday June 19

In a three hour session, the two sides discussed 7 articles:

Board ULFA
1 Objectives

3 Amendments

4 Applications and exclusions

5 Recognition

10 Courses taught in addition to assigned duties

16 Termination

28 Vacations (agreed to in principle)

There were no new articles in this session. In the case of Article 28, ULFA was able to accept in principal the Board’s proposal from the day before with only minor typographic changes.

Wednesday June 19

The two sides met briefly to recap and expand upon previous discussions on economic benefits.