Bargaining Town Hall Report of June 25

On June 25, ULFA hosted its first Bargaining Town Hall in this round of Collective Agreement bargaining.  The Chief Spokesperson of ULFA’s Negotiating Team presented an overview of the process so far.  The calendars below show notice to bargain marked with a blue diamond, exchange of article lists with triangles (blue for ULFA and yellow for the Board), and scheduled bargaining sessions with red squares.

image of bargaining calendar
image of bargaining calendar

Figure 1. Top: Bargaining sessions to date, as of the June 25th town hall meeting. Bottom: Scheduled bargaining sessions up to the end of 2024.

The presentation reviewed the articles opened by both parties, identified the articles that have been exchanged to date, and provided a brief overview of the interest-based discussions at the May bargaining sessions.

Members were reminded that ULFA’s Bargaining Mandate prioritizes fair compensation and fair working conditions. Questions and concerns raised included the lack of financial proposals from the Board, reports from other public sector bargaining tables within Alberta, what happens after the current Collective Agreement expires, timing for those interested in observing bargaining sessions, and clarification of some Board proposals. Members interested in signing up to observe one or more bargaining sessions are encouraged to fill in the sign-up sheet provided to your email. For more details, see ULFA’s 2024 bargaining blog here, or reach out to any member of the ULFA Negotiating Team.